Life with Jesus for the renewal of the city.

Redeemer of Queen’s Park is a new church plant coming to London in 2019.

The world is living in the city of London. 
We can reach the ends of the earth from this strategic global city.

Our Team

The West Family

Thomas and Elizabeth West are from Montgomery, Alabama and currently live in Raleigh, N.C. with their two children, Perry Elizabeth and Shepherd. Thomas has served as the college pastor for Raleigh’s Providence Baptist Church for seven years and holds an M. Div. and Ph.D. from Southeastern Seminary.

With Thomas’ ministry experience and theological training, along with his family’s vision for engaging Western culture with the gospel, the Wests are ready to lead the way in planting a church rooted in discipleship with the aim of renewing London’s culture, both socially and spiritually. You can contact Thomas at


The Evans Family

Daniel and Paige Evans were born and raised in Raleigh, N.C., where they live with their children Hannah, Eli, and David. Paige has spent nine years as a teacher and administrator in the education system, while Daniel has spent the last five years serving as the International Coordinator for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Daniel played quarterback while in college at NC State. After graduation, the Evans have lived as missionaries in Central Asia, having been sent out by Providence Baptist Church. With their years of organizational leadership and their passion for reaching the unreached, the Evans are tapping into the experience of living cross-culturally by focusing on reaching people of nations who call London home. You can contact Daniel at


Why London?

London is a city unlike any other. With its rich and varied history, London is considered the birthplace of literature, the banking capital of the world, and an innovative leader in the arts.

London also has a rich Christian heritage. Much of the architecture in the city, the names of streets, and the rhythms of life are rooted in the Christian faith.

Once a reformational hub of gospel activity, London is now a place where the church is struggling. Many of the beautiful Christian church buildings that mark the landscape of London now lie empty. Classism and racism are barriers to gospel community. Secularism presents an unchecked challenge to Christian engagement in the public square.

Today, fewer than 2% of London’s 11 million residents have a saving relationship with Jesus Christ.

 The world is literally living in the city of London and it is possible to reach the ends of the earth from this strategic global city. 

British missionary and theologian Lesslie Newbigin argued that Western culture needed to be confronted theologically for the gospel to thrive. We agree. We are prepared to confront the complexities of Western culture by bringing the gospel to bear on every sphere of life through planting a new church.

Total Population

Languages Spoken


Christian Believers

Redeemer’s Vision & Values

Our church has five core values that shape everything we say and do.

Jesus changes everything.

Everything we do is because of what Jesus has already done. All we say and do ought to be grounded in our relationship with Jesus and towards the end of making Jesus famous on earth as He is in heaven.

We need Jesus.

We live life with Jesus by practicing the spiritual disciplines in the midst of Christian community. As we abide in Jesus we become more like Jesus and are then able to share the life of Jesus with our city and world.

We are a church for all peoples.

Jesus is the Savior of the whole world and we want to be a church that reflects this by being home to all sorts of people. We engage our neighborhoods with the love of Jesus to invite people to experience the fullness of life that can only be found in a relationship with him.

We all have a role to play.

God gives His people a variety of spiritual gifts to serve Him, His people, the city, and His world. We invest a lot of energy into helping people discover their spiritual gifts and calling in life because every member has a ministry to fulfill.

We are sent.

While we call London our home we consider the world to be our neighborhood. We want the whole world to taste and see that God is good so we depend on God to be the needed salt and light. We want to see God’s Kingdom come and will be done in London as it is in heaven.

We are living life with Jesus for the renewal of the city.

We are Redeemer of Queen’s Park.

Our Partners

Partner Networks

Partner Churches

The Summit Church

First Baptist Montgomery

Providence Baptist Church

Biltmore Baptist Church

The Heights Church

Lakeview Baptist Church

Storyline Fellowship

Trinity Life Church

Restoration City Church

The Oaks Church

Connection Church

Whitesburg Baptist Church

Our Timeline

Five phases to launching Redeemer of Queen’s Park

Phase 1: Prepare for the city.

Phase 1: Prepare for the city.

We are currently preparing to move to London to plant Redeemer of Queen’s Park. During this season we are building a launch team, forming a prayer team, fundraising for ministry, and preparing to transition our families. We are also being trained through Summit Network as we prepare our families to cross the pond.

Phase 2: Move to the city.

Phase 2: Move to the city.

In June 2019 our team will move to Queen’s Park, London. Our team will find jobs, create businesses, and engage in the life of the city. We will join a series of gospel-centered churches in London upon arrival to create a soft-landing for our team members.

Phase 3: Learn in the city.

Phase 3: Learn in the city.

In our first few months in the city our team will intentionally engage in various spheres of influence where we work, live, and play, establishing an informal network of relationships that will be our first and primary evangelistic contacts. We will welcome these people into our homes where we will share meals and study the Bible together.

Phase 4: Gather in the city.

Phase 4: Gather in the city.

As the gospel is shared and people come to Christ, informal networks of relationships will be formalized into City Groups. These small groups of people will meet in homes throughout the city and be the building blocks of our church.

Phase 5: Meet in the city.

Phase 5: Meet in the city.

As these City Groups grow we seek to reach the unreached by multiplying leaders and disciples. Redeemer of Queen’s Park will be formally launched when we reach a critical mass of 40 adults committed to launching a new church.

Financial Need

Church planting is a massive undertaking. We are raising the full support for all of the ministry in Queen’s Park, London, and to the ends of the earth. We need your help in planting this church.

Our vision is to find partners that look at Redeemer of Queen’s Park as an investment rather than a charitable opportunity (even though all gifts are tax-deductible!). We believe partnering provides individuals and churches an opportunity to tangibly invest in the mission of God. This church plant is an opportunity to devote money, time, and prayer to the front lines of the mission of Jesus. This provides tremendous opportunity to have a first-hand experience in owning church planting in a strategic global city.

Will you join a cause larger than yourself and rally behind what God is doing in this influential city?

Financial Goal: 500K per year for three years

Plus 100,000 for startup costs in year one

Getting to the City


One Time

Living in the City


Per Year

Meeting in the City


Per Year

Going to the City


Per Year

How You Can Help

Pray with us

Ask that Redeemer of Queen’s Park would communicate and demonstrate the love of God faithfully and winsomely.

Invest with us

Help plant this church through a monthly or one-time financial gift of support.

Go with us

Consider moving to London with us to help plant this church.